Fairy & Make a Wish attempt Guiness World Record!

Amanda attempted to break the Guinness World Records for the largest cake sculpture, whilst raising money for Make-A-Wish UK.

Amanda cut the first slice of the giant cake – which is 12 metres by 10 metres, at Westfield Shepherds Bush shopping centre.

"As a patron of Make-A-Wish it is a charity that is dear to my heart and does such wonderful things for truly deserving children and young people. This GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt has the potential to raise a huge amount of money for the charity which will be used to help grant more magical wishes."

The numbers:

45 people constructed the cake
The final cake weighed two tons, made from...
520kg of caster sugar, equal in weight to 2,260 Barclays 'Boris' bikes
520kg of wheat flour, as heavy as 650 800g loaves of bread
8,360 eggs, more than nine hens will lay in a lifetime 
668kg of icing sugar, which is heavier than a male cow 
417kg of margarine and butter, almost 2,000 times more than used in Mary Berry’s Victoria sandwich recipe
13.94kg of evaporated milk, heavier than 16 870ml bottles of Fairy Liquid
8.5kg of vanilla essence, which would fill 85 100ml bottles of Chanel No. 5