Amanda's Autobiography 'No Holding Back'

Amanda has been working hard on her Autobiography 'No Holding Back' for the past year, and admits it has been really really tough!  It is now available for sale in paperback, hardback and kindle edition on Amazon and also at leading book retailers.

'No holding back' was the Sunday Times Bestseller, and also the most popular female biography of the year!

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Danone Oykos Advert

Amanda was the star of the TV ad for the fat-free Danone Oykos yoghurt. The filming took 3 days and the lcoation was a fort that was for hire in Majorca!  Until this 2015. the advert has been shown regularly on TV.

Oykos is a luxury greek-style yoghurt layered with fruit, targeting younger women, and is currently the only yoghurt available in Pear flavour!

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Tesco Advert Part 2

Watch Part 2 of Tesco's christmas adverts starring Amanda Holden as Fay's sister Penelope. Amanda hosts a party, which goes wrong. It is saved by her quick thinking brother-in-law Mark and lots of Tesco finest treats!

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Tesco Advert Part 1

Amanda is one of the new faces of Tesco with their new advert which aired earlier this week. She plays the part of Penelope Belcher, the "irritating nouveau-riche" sister of Ripley’s character, in a role Amanda described as in the mould of Hyacinth Bucket from the 1990s BBC series 'Keeping Up Appearances'

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