Pride of Britain 2015

Pride of Britain was back tonight with it's yearly celebration of amazing & brave people! Amanda was amongst the star-studded turnout and wore a red dress by Basil Soda and Jewels from the Albemarle Collection by Garrards.

The awards held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane were televised and Amanda presented an award for Outstanding Bravery to Dee Patel, alongside Alesha Dixon and David Hasslehoff.

Dee won the award as he prevented a potentially fatal pile-up when a driver passed out at the wheel of her car at 70mph in rush hour traffic.

A Thames Valley police officer said: “It takes a lot of courage to intentionally use your vehicle to stop another that is out of control and for that you deserve a huge pat on the back. Instead of a multi vehicle collision with potential serious injuries, it has ended up with no injuries and just damage to vehicles which can be repaired or replaced thanks to your quick thinking.”