Amanda's Infinity Spheres from her BundleBerry range at QVC sell out!

Boasting innovative 3D technology to create a beautiful bursting effect, this set of three battery-powered Infinity Spheres from BundleBerry by Amanda Holden each feature a high shine metallic coating and convenient timer function. In small, medium and large sizes, this on-trend trio was inspired by a beautiful Christmas decoration that Amanda had in her home last year, which then stayed out on display ever since.

Contemporary colours - in luxe Gold, Rose Gold and Silver finishes, each sphere reveals an elegant explosion of light from within once switched on. Plus, their metallic surface gives them a modern look when switched off too.

The gorgeous Infinity Spheres SOLD OUT at QVC's TSV day on the 14th November, in record time! Proving to be an extremely popular part of Amanda's BundleBerry AW range.

The rest of Amanda's BundleBerry AW range is sure to be just as successful.